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The Sabbath is a special time that we can spend with God. There is so much to do that there is no time to be bored. Here is a continuing list of ideas of what to do on Sabbath.

1.   Create a scavenger hunt for your parents.

2.   Read a mission story; produce it into a play.  Gather everyone to watch your version.

3.   Take a Poloroid camera and illustrate the days of Creation.

4.   Adopt an elderly shut-in as a grandma or grandpa.  Do/bring something for them. Have a long visit.

5.   Take an alphabet hike. Find something in nature for every letter.

6.   Play with some younger kids to give their parents some time alone.

7.   Make a collage from magazine cutouts to illustrate God’s love.

8.   Go outside and try to see 20 different kinds of birds.

9.   Work on a Pathfinder or Adventurer nature honor.

10. Read a story from the Bible that you’ve never read before.

11. Write a praise song that you could sing in Sabbath School.

12. Look at family photo albums or home videos.

13. Create a video commercial to advertise your church.

14. Listen to a story from the “old days” from a grandparent.