Health Ministries

Health Ministries
Kathy Glenn, Leader

Northeast  SDA Church accepts its responsibility to make Christ known to the world and believes this includes a moral obligation to preserve human dignity by obtaining optimal levels of physical, mental, and spiritual health. In addition to ministering to those who are ill, this responsibility extends to the prevention of disease through effective health education and leadership in promoting abundant health.


Secrets of Living Longer Broadcast by
A magazine promoting physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual balance

Source to educate on vegetarianism, health, world hunger, etc...

Studies Warn Against Complacency In Coffee Drinking
Two new studies show that as little as one cup of coffee can cause a temporary increase in the stiffening of arterial walls.

Uchee Pines
Visit Dr. Agatha Thrash’s Patient Counseling Sheets at the Uchee Pines Institute for topic’s like: Cancer, the risk and the routine; Blood Pressure; Diet Disease and Behavior

South Atlantic Health Dept.