Music Ministry

Cynthia Thompson, Minister of Music

The Music Ministry seeks to use the power of worship music to bring an offering of praise, to fight discouragement, to teach truth, to strengthen worshipers, and to nurture the membership in preparation for Christ’s soon return. Each Sabbath, our choirs, along with other music ensembles, prepare the hearts of the waiting congregation to receive the word from the Lord.

At Northeast, praising Him in song is our goal regardless of age.  Our choirs have the mission to exalt Jesus Christ and uplift the name of God Almighty.

Choirs At Northeast

1. Northeast Children’s Choir: Monica Smalls (Director)

  • Children’s chorale open to individuals aged 5-11.

2. Spiritual Voices: Davaughnarla Miller (Director)

  • Traditional and contemporary gospel choir open to individuals aged 12 and up.

3. Northeast Adult Choir: Willhette Johnson (Director)

  • Traditional gospel and inspirational choir open to adults aged 18 and up.

4. Worship Ensemble: Carla Edwards (Coordinator)

  • Traditional and contemporary Praise and Worship team. Membership is by invitation only.