Parish Nursing Minstry

Parish Nursing Ministry
Linda Mendinghall

To Deliver Clinical and Service Excellence Through a Ministry of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Healing

A training class will be held for our Adopt-an-Elder program sponsored by Love in the Name of Christ Agency. We provide transportation to MD appointments and grocery shopping once a month.
Please contact Sis. Mendinghall or any member of the Parish Nurse Ministry.
A Northeast Christian Fellowship group will be meeting soon to discuss the book “True Revival: The Church Greatest Need”.  There are 10 books available to the first 10 people to sign up.  Contact Sonya Brown or Linda Mendinghall.

What is Parish Nursing?

Parish Nursing is rooted in a concept of mission and ministry to people. The parish nurse is a person of faith who is in a unique position to bring together professional health care skills and a vital faith experience. The focus of parish nursing is whole person health: body-mind-spirit. The role of a parish nurse allows a unique ministry of health to members of the congregation and the wider community. Parish nursing allows the congregation to reclaim it’s role in health and wholeness.

Role of a Parish Nurse:

A parish nurse is a registered professional nurse who, as a member of the ministerial team of a congregation, provides holistic nursing services to the members of the congregation. After an assessment, the parish nurse responds to the identified needs of the congregation by taking on several roles: health educator, health counselor, referral agent, health advocate, and facilitator/trainer of volunteers. Parish nurses do not provide “hands-on” nursing care to their clients. They see their role as helping people make a connection between their faith and health.

Purpose of Parish Nursing:

  • We challenge the nursing profession to reclaim the spiritual dimension of nursing care.
  • We challenge the health care delivery systems to provide whole person care: body, mind and spirit.
  • We challenge the faith community to work in partnership to restore its healing mission.

Strategic Vision:

To provide access to parish nurses and health ministries in our faith communities and to build partnerships in health and wholeness..

Parish Nursing A Beneficial Partnership for Clergy:

  • Congregations have a biblical mandate to preach, teach and heal. Clergy and parish nurses together can do great things in our Lord’s name.
  • Health is a holistic way of living that embraces life in its fullness. A parish nurse assists parishioners to achieve higher levels of wellness by improving their spiritual and physical health.
  • Where does a parishioner go for a second opinion, a counselor, or another service? A parish nurse is available to provide referrals to community services upon request.
  • Clergy and health care providers have leadership roles in health and healing. The parish nurse model helps to build a strong bridge between medical and faith communities.