Viewing the 3ABN – “Redemption”

Click on the TV pictured below, if you’ve already completed the steps below and are a retuning visitor, click here to view the 3ABN Broadcast Channel

The 3ABN Page will prompt that “You need the free TVUPlayer to watch.

1) Click on the “Install Now”
2) Then… click on save file

Then (On yuor computer, lower right side by the little icons and the clock, click on the blue underlined line “All files have finished downloading.”

Then you should see the Downloaded files list, which looks like the picture below

Double click on any file named similar to the ones in the picture above.
if you are prompted, click Yes to install the program

Click Finish when you see the above screen.
Now, its important to close your Browser and re open it, so When you have closed all your browser windows,
Open a browser and the Success of your labors should look like the screen below

One last thing to do (one time) if your prompted, is to click the ‘ALLOW access’ button without other change on your screen if you see it on your computer.
Your done, click here to see the live 3ABN stream! –>

Next Showing is Sabbath 5:00 PM (EST)