Ministry Event Planning Guide

Ministry Event Planning Guide (3 Steps)


  • Step 1) Select the date and enter your event details on the Event Calender Entry page.

Use the event planning resource check boxes in the event entry page to capture all the events resource planning needs.

  • Step 2) Save the Event calendar entry as draft or private

  • Step 3) Create a new private page under your ministry, name the page after the event you are planning.

In your new private page, add any information that couldn’t be entered in the event date page.
Save your events Private page. to make a page private, on the right side of the page, click visibility then check the private box
Click “Update” to save your page private visibility edit.

Purpose of the event planning process

Each entered calendar event gives the event creator, participants and ministries with a stakeholder position to record event content which (hopefully) captures the requirements to make the event a success. Having a single page for each event will facilitate the managing risks and expenses and identify and process any approval processes through a manual workflow.
The intent of the ad-hoc event collaboration process is to bring a ministerial focus for as many ministry groups as will be participating in providing resources, detailed planning and critical path task definition needed for successful ministry delivery well in advance of the proposed event date(s).